Doc T  - a.k.a Harminder (Mag) Magon - started sharing his culinary creations back in the 1980's hosting a cooking show called Cook with Mag in Saskatoon. The show featured international cuisine with a twist using fusion and authentic cooking styles. 


 In addition to hosting Cook with Mag, the Doc has had the privilege of cooking for celebrities, participating in cooking demonstrations, delivering lectures and providing consultations for menu planning. He is best known for inspiring people to engage in fusion, creative and innovative cooking that is simple exciting and above all delicious! 

The Doc has just released his first book - My Epicurean Journey.

This book takes you on  a journey through South Asia, the Far East, Africa, and beyond as the Doc  presents his collection of global recipes, kindled by a lifetime of culinary exploration. Featured are delicacies as eclectic as their origins: inspired by roadside vendors and street bazaars; renowned restaurants and master chefs, and heirloom traditions perfected in family kitchens across generations, the dishes found here will entice even the pickiest palate. Exotic spices, textures, and flavors blend harmoniously to create delectable kebabs, scrumptious noodles, zesty veggies, mouthwatering biryanis, and much more to serve on any occasion. Complete with step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions and full-color images, My Epicurean Journey is sure to be a delight for family, friends, novice cooks, and food connoisseurs alike!